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Job Openings Description:


Applicant must: (i) be a law student; (ii) have an automobile; (iii) be computer savvy, and; (iii) have a nightly class schedule.

Bilingual Legal Secretary

Applicant must: (i) have a intermediate knowledge of the english language; (ii) be between the ages of 20 to 30, (iii) have prior experience as an assistant or office clerk; (iv) be proficient in the use of Windows Office package; and, (v) be proactive, responsible and punctual.

Jr. Attorney

Applicant must: (i) be a licensed practicioner; (ii) have an LLM; (iii) have a minimum of 3-years of experience in private practice; (iv) be fluent in english; (v) have an automobile; and, (iii) be computer savvy.